25 Engineer Squadron – Edmonton

Debney Armoury
Lt. Col. Philip L. Debney Armoury

25 Engineer Squadron (25 ES) is the Regiment’s sub-unit located at the Lt. Col. Philip L. Debney Armoury in Edmonton Alberta. 25 ES is a continuation of 8 Field Engineer Regiment’s 25 Field Squadron.

8 Field Engineer Regiment  (8 FER) was founded in 1947 as part of a re-organization of the Canadian Militia. At it’s height it consisted of:

  • 13th Field Squadron in Calgary;
  • 17th Field Squadron in Kimberley, British Columbia;
  • 24th Field Squadron in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories;
  • 25th Field Squadron in Edmonton; and
  • 33rd Field Park Squadron in Lethbridge.

8 FER traced its lineage to 9th Army Troops Company (Royal Canadian Engineers) which was formed in 1937. During the Second World War the Company served as part of 1st Pioneer Battalion, later known as 1st Battalion Army Troops, which provided construction support to the First Canadian Army in Northwest Europe from 1944-45.