Operation Laser Sitrep

Situation as of 3 Apr 2020

·         Class A pay will continue as we have been doing for all the members of the unit that are not involved in the Class C TBG/LRC orgs.  So Wed night Pde night and the one weekend a month.

·         The information on potential start dates for IT (30 May-30 June commencement window), and the 18 May cap on paying half-days Class A, both come from the Div Comd’s recap of his weekly touch point (CCA #3) with the Army Commander this afternoon.

·         The UNIT 3 Class Bs we are authorized for the unit to retain. I know that two of the folks are now part of Class C CFTPO but we are authorized up to three so if we have folks then please advise the Ops/Adjt. 

·         They are offering a 60 day Class C with the option to extend out or 147 day Class C.  Flexibility.

·         3 April the TBG/LRC soldiers will start to receive orders under the chain of Comd.

·         The Unit business continuity plan is still in play and there will be no soldiers parading or coming to work until direction comes down.  We will continue to do what we are doing virtually and ensure the force protection measure as and adherence to the medical restrictions is strictly followed. Only essential personnel allowed at work.

·         There will be a follow medical questionnaire that will be done by call out in the near future.

– LCol Long